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This is my first published tileset, hope you'll find it usefull

Palette used - tranquil fantasy 23

Published under CC0 license, you may use or alter it in any way you want

If you'll make something with it, please write me I would be glad to see your project


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TilesetGraveyard.ase 25 kB
TilesetGraveyard.png 10 kB


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Gorgeous tileset, used in for my Halloween game jam's game (https://dinomc.itch.io/my-halloween-shooter), thanks :)

That's awesome! :)


Thank you for this nice tileset ! I used it in the game I made for the Godot Wild Jam #14: https://calame.itch.io/shadow-forest-graveyard

That's awesome! I really like how you modified it, this limited palette look really suits the game :)  That's quite a nice looking curse, I was sad when necromancer freed me from it :D


Hi, I used this in a Game Jam: https://haygarrygames.itch.io/save-ghosts-from-hell-with-gems

That's awesome!


hey awesome tileset! I'm planning to build a topdown survival shooter with some roguelike elements with it. I'm not sure regarding some of the tiles however. Is it intended that they do not fit 16x16px always? e.g. the fences? when i put them on a grid 16px by 16px i see that some of the tiles would contain two fences. it's hard to explain sorry :D here is a picture of what i mean: https://imgur.com/a/qGI9lOc
not 100% sure how i'm supposed to use them.

thanks and kind regards!

HI! Sorry for the late responce. I added those aditional planks for the fences as an option so that you can swap then depending on what side the fence is faicing. So before using them in the game you should move them away or delete completely. 


That makes sense, thanks for the explanation and the great work!

please can you tell me why when I create the map with gray tiles in png you can see the gray tiles white

Hi! Sorry, I don't fully understand.  Gray tiles turn white for you in the game or they don't cut off alpha channel and you can see white between them?  What program do you use?

perfavore mi puoi dire perchè quando creo la mappa con le mattonelle grigie in png si vedono bianche le mattonelle grigie


Great work!

Thank you!


I'm doing a Halloween Game Jam with my friends and this tileset is perfect for my idea. Great work man!

That's great! Good luck on the game! Message me the link to your game when you are finished I would love to check it out! If you want, of course :-)

great assets, Im looking for someone to make games toguether and learn. Are you interested?


Loved your pixel art, Can I put it in my game?

Yes, of course. You can use this tileset however you want, both for commercial and non commercial use


So I will support $ you and use it =)!

Thank you so much! I am really grateful for your support!

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I love it when pixel art makes you think "I need to make a game with this!" Really love it!

Thank you so much!


Amazing, do you do work for hire? cheers

Thank you! Yes, I do work for hire and I am available right now